Secret Machines
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2019 –
Mixed Media - sound design,musical score, copywriting, photography

Secret Machines was a project for an Advanced Design Seminar class that I took a little further than it really needed to go.
Its original name was Apsis.Memory. The Apsis of something Is Its most extreme point, either nearest or furthest away. I wanted to explore what It would be like to recall memories only through the photos I had taken for no real reason at the time. At the same time, I was enthralled by the idea of memory - what It does, how it changes, how a memory of events as they happened is more like opinions than facts. All this while society at large seemed to be wrestling with its own grasp on truth, especially as it relates to the recollection of memory and Images. At the same time, It is also about youth and loss, and the processing of a lot of things at once. Is this graphic design? Probably not. Is It an Idea the I believe in? Absolutely.

Trigger warning: heavy use of rapid flashing Imagery, mentions of drug use and mental health crisis.